Leopoldo Presas

foto artista

1932-38 Studies at the National Academy of Fine Arts and at the Argentinian Institute of Graphic Arts.

1939 He fomrs the Orión Group together with Luis Barragán, Ideal Sanchez, Vicente Forte, Bruno Venier among others.

1946 First one-man exhibition, Callao Gallery. Prize Bahía Blanca’s National Gallery Salon.

1947 First Prize of Painting “Carlos Sarsotti” at the Annual Salon of Santa Fe. Second Prize of Drawing of the XXXIII Salon of Watercolorist.

1948 First Prize Painting of the XXXIII Annual Salon of Watercolorist.

1949 Prize of Painting “Raúl Castelui” at the XXVI Annual Salon of Santa Fe. Stimulus Prize of Painting at the XVIII Salon of Art of La Plata. Stimulus Prize Province of Buenos Aires Salon.

1950 Makes at the Institute of Moder Art, an exhibition that was been godfather by Marcelo De Ridder. Stimulus Prize National Salon. Acquisition Prize First Salon of La Rioja. First Prize of Drawing Salon of Watercolorists. First to the best combined Salon of Watercolorist and Engravers.

1950-51 Travels to Europe, he visits France, Spain, Belgium and England.

1953 One of the murals of the Gallery Santa fe paints in collaboraion with Torres Agüero. Exhibition at Witcomb.

1956 Exposes at the South American Gallery of New York and at the biennial of Vennice.

1958 Exposes at the Yumar Gallery.

1959 Obtains the big prizes of Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires and the National Salon of Painting, something completely unpublished in the history of Argentinian Art. Participates at the Biennial of Vennice and San Pablo. Exhibitions at Wildestein, Impulse and Baransky Gallery (Rio de Janeiro).

1963 The National Academy of Fine Arts grants him the Palanza Prize.

1967 Exposes at the Modern Art Gallery of New York and in the headquarters of the American Organization of States (OAS) in Washington. Modern Art Museum of Paris and Huntington Hartford Collection.

1976 It is named Academic National in the area painting, distinctiongiven by the National Academy of Fine Arts.

1979 Resides in Paris and he exposes at the Gallery Bellechase.

1987 Makes an itinerary exhibition for Germany.

1993 His works participate of the exhibitions “Argentine Now” in the International Monetary Fund, Washington AD and in Santa Mónica, California.

1994 Realizes a great exhibition at the Nationals Rooms of Culture, Palais de Glace.

1999 Exposes next to Miguel Dávila at the Galería Galeano of the Havana. Exhibition at the Fair of Galeries, Arte BA. Today wiht 85 years, this great teacher of the national painting, is working intensely in his atelier.


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