Antonio Alice


Argentinian painter born in Buenos Aires on February 23rd 1886, died in the same city on August 24th 1943. When he was twelve years old, Cupertino del Campo, who was a medicine student at the time, recognizing his true calling takes him to the workshop of the painter Decoroso Bonifanti. There he studies for six years and in 1904 he takes part of the National Competition where he receives the Rome Award which grants him a scholarship to study in Europe. That year he leaves to Italy with his teacher Bonifanti.

He joins the Royal Academy of Turin, where he studies under Grosso, Travernier and Gilardi, obtaining in 1905 the Gold Medal from that Academy. He participates in the Centenary Salon, in the contest of historic paintings with his work The death of Guemes, awarded with the gold medal (1910).

In 1911 he obtains the biggest reward in the First National Salon with Portrait of Lady, and in 1915 he is awarded the Great Medal of Honor in the exhibition of San Francisco, California. He later paints: San Martin in Bulogne-sur-Mer, Argentine land of promise, The constituents of 1853, large canvases carefully crafted, which carry the rhythm of a patriotic exaltation.

He had exhibitions in several Argentinian salons and had individual exhibitions in Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Madrid, Turin, Geneva, Roma, Venice, Munich and Paris. His works are featured in museums in Buenos Aires, Rosario, Tucuman, Rio de Janeiro and in European collections.


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