Who we are

Daniel Gallet – Director


As an artist, he is distinguished in 1979 with the 1rst prize in the International children´s year contest funded by the C.E.B who´s publishing house disseminated his work in American countries.

That same year, the Salvatori Foundation, appoints him to make The Golden Series, in commemoration of the first anniversary of obtaining the Football world Cup.

Instituting as an award his three selected works. In 1979 he wins First Prize and Gold Medal at the annual venue of the Círculo de Bellas Artes from Buenos Aires. In 1980 he obtains the Great Estimulo Prize at the Second Estimulo Salon at the Ward.

In 1981 Special Mention at the Second Salon of the Marplatense Association of fine arts.

In 1982 he obtains the Honorable Mention at the A.M.D.A.P. from Mar del Plata.

Shows his work applying inks and acrylics, suggesting through abstract zones and figurative elements, the images recreated by war and his imagination with which he obtains a singular artistic effect.

In 1982 he has his last personal exhibit in Buenos Aires, about The Malvinas and then he devotes himself to promote Argentinian Art, with the same fervor and mysticism which characterized his paintings. He has been presenting The Collectors exhibit for 27 years.

This exhibit tours the country supported by conferences, audiovisual presentations, and guided tours.

It is based in the city of Buenos Aires and it is a referent in the insertion of Argentinian painting in collections in America, EEUU, Europe and Asia.

Nurturing these buyers with the most important artists represented by him. He was selected in 2009 by Sane Society to be part of a Jury, representing Argentina, which will help Talent Seekers discover the 1000 most talented persons of the current year.